Used Car Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

Never buy a used car without first having it checked out. 
A small investment could SAVE YOU BIG!

Carfax is great if you want to know a vehicle’s history. If you want to know what is going on with it right now you better get a multi-point vehicle inspection by an outside third party, hopefully one you choose.

Whether you are buying from a dealership or an individual it is a good idea to get the vehicle checked out. We can meet you where ever you are buying the car, do a thorough inspection and give you a full report. So when you are ready for your next automobile, bring San Antonio’s Best Mobile Mechanic along with you to check it out.

Bumper to Bumper auto inspections include:

Engine and Cooling System

Signs of leaks?
Coolant level?
Antifreeze mix?
Signs of oil in coolant?
Inspect freeze plugs
Inspect ignition system
Plug wires
Spark plugs – for fouling
Points (if applicable), distributor cap & rotor
Check timing
Compression test
Check cooling system (at temperature) for leaks & proper cooling
Check engine serial number
Check engine block/ casting numbers


Inspect carburetor/injection system for fuel leaks
Inspect air filter & intake ducting
Inspect fuel filter
Inspect Rubber Fuel Lines
Check fuel tank for any visible corrosion


Check u-joints/CV joints
Check for drive-line lash
Inspect differential for leaks
Inspect rear axles for leaks
Check transmission for fluid level & leaks
Hydraulic clutch:
Check clutch master cylinder reservoir for fluid level & condition (as appropriate).
Check slave cylinder & lines for leaks, condition and operation
Cable/Linkage clutch:
Inspect linkage for wear & operation
Check for cable wear and/or kinks


Inspect master cylinder for fluid level and condition
Check System for leaks
Check operation of master cylinder & booster
Check operation of calipers
Check wheel cylinder operation
Check rotors/drums for wear
Check condition of pads/shoes
Check parking brake operation


Inspect shocks/struts
Inspect ball joints
Inspect tie rods & steering links
Check front wheel bearings for wear & adjustment
Inspect front and rear suspension bushings
Inspect steering rack/box
Check power steering system for fluid level, leaks & operation
Inspect tires for wear, weathering manufacture date & pressure


Inspected for leaks
Inspected for secure mounting
Inspected for rust-through or holes


Turn signals
Windshield wiper mechanism
Check Windshield Washer Fluid & Test


Inspect for rust
Check body for indications of prior repairs
Check door operation (locks, latches, range of motion)
Check condition & operation of windows
Inspect for loose panels and trim


Engine & Drivetrain
Idling (adjust mixture & speed as needed)
Check for oil & coolant leaks
Check for exhaust leaks
Acceleration (hesitation, misfire etc?)
Cruising – 40mph (surging?)
Cruising – 60mph (surging?)
Cooling (at idle, 40mph, 60mph with & w/o A/C)
Holds in park (if applicable)
Driveline lash?
Rear axle noise?
Suspension & Steering
Steering play/response/freedom of movement
Body sway
Test parking brake hold
Normal braking test
Panic-stop test
Is there chatter or pulsing
Does it brake straight or pull?
How is braking in reverse

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